The external academic internships are an academic activity, a training experience, which aim to supplement and apply, in a professional context, the competences and knowledge acquired during the degree.

They can be carried out in two modalities:


Management of the external internships

In order to carry out an external internship it is necessary to sign some documentation in advance: firstly, a collaboration agreement between the University of Vigo and the entity where the internship is going to take place, and secondly, a document of formalisation of the internship, signed by the student, the academic mentor, and the mentor in the entity. The internship cannot begin until this documentation has been signed.

In order to initiate the procedures for the management of the external internships, both curricular and extracurricular, you should address the officer of the internship programme for bachelor’s degrees, Javier Sánchez.



  • The curricular internships in the Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism will be completely managed from the centre by the officer, Javier Sánchez, who will advise students.
  • The extracurricular internships in the Bachelor’s Degrees will be co-managed between the centre officer, Javier Sánchez, and the officer of the Foundation University of Vigo (FUVI) in Ourense, Sandra Morales. If the extracurricular internship is international, its management will be carried out by the head of the International Relations Office (ORI), Henar Quintás.


In order to initiate the procedures for the management of external internships in any of the Master’s Degrees in the centre, you should adres the internships coordinator of the corresponding Master’s degree:


  • The curricular internships will be completely managed by the internships coordinator of each of the degrees.
  • The extracurricular internships will be co-managed between the internships coordinator in each of the Master’s degrees and the officer of the Foundation University of Vigo (FUVI) in Ourense Sandra Morales.



General requirements to carry out external internships

  • Curricular external internships:
    • The student must be enrolled in the corresponding subject linked to the study plan and fulfil the requirements stablished in this study plan.
  • Extracurricular external internships:
    • To be enrolled in the Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism, in studies related with the extracurricular internship.
    • To have passed the 50% of the necessary credits to finish the degree by the time the internship is performed.


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