The new configuration of the university degrees, shorter in time and with a more flexible academic structure than the previous five-year degrees, facilitate what not so long ago was almost unthinkable: that a student can combine two degrees and achieve both certifications in just six years, fulfilling a deep knowledge both in Business Administration and Management (BAM) and in Computer Engineering.

This joint programme is born from a very specific call of the current business fabric, looking for professionals able to deal at the same time with the business decisions and decisions related to investing and with the field of the communication and information technologies. That is why a profile which combines knowledges on both business management and information technology techniques is very attractive for organizations. Nowadays, the new technologies are modelling the innovation capacity of business more than ever, creating new models of business and competence.

Therefore, after evaluating the great demand and aiming for offering educational alternatives to improve the available offer, the Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism and the Higher School of Computer Engineering have made possible to study at the same time the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering in the Campus of Ourense, leading to, with the illusion and the hard and work of both the students and the teaching staff, obtaining the necessary knowledge and the correspondent certificates in only 12 terms.

Specific Degree Regulation

Specific Degree Regulation – 2020

Study Plan – 2020


Quick Degree Guide

The Joint Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and Computer Engineering multiplies the employment possibilities for its students, as they will be able to face resolutely to the new challenges presented by the companies and organizations in the “information society”.

Students will be able to become experts in the methodologies and technologies in software development, counting on a global view of the area and with the necessary competences to design, manage and integrate information systems, applications and nets in companies or quality software products. Moreover, they will have the necessary professional competences to integrate the potential of the ICTs in the business management. On the other hand, students will learn how to plan, organise, manage and start business projects, managing the human, economic and technological resources efficiently.

Thus, this double view will enable them to perform an optimal management of the resources and to be one of the most requested profiles.


The objective of this degree is to train professionals able to optimise business processes through the information technologies, who know well the different business areas and their management and interrelation, who master the management and use of the information systems, and who are able to understand, implement and to use the ICTs to their full potential.


The Joint Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management and Computer Engineering targets students who are especially interested in the business development and the private initiatives in order to create and manage businesses that could generate jobs. Furthermore, the future students should possess a good analytical and rational capacity, be organised and persistent in their studies, interested on research and problem resolution, and attracted to the new technologies and its implementation in managing business projects.

So, this joint degree is designed for people who are interested both in the business area and in the computer engineering.


The job opportunities of this joint programme are many, as both degrees count on a variety of possible jobs. Students can focus their professional career both in the business field and in the computer engineering field, as well as those positions in which the combination of the competences in these two fields are highlighted: auditing, consulting, finance, marketing, banking sector or financial services, software design and development, development and policies and technology in the security of nets and information systems, management of communication nets, projects management…