The graduated students of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management are ready to successfully enter in the exciting business world, both as professionals in charge of an operating area in a business or as administrators on their own business project


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This Degree prepares university specialists both in the management of a business and in the business world. Traditionally, the management of a business depended on the personal intuition and on the family experience, passed on from generation to generation, but on our globalized, ever-changing world, it is necessary to prepare the future workers scientifically, turning their actions in the business area professional, and to carry out applied researches.

During the four years of the Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management, the students receive, on the one hand, a wide range of knowledge on the different operating areas of a business, getting a deeper knowledge on its management, its interactions, its importance and its functions. Furthermore, the students will be able to get a general view of the business, as well as the management of the resources, the processes and the results, in order to generate wealth and added value, thanks to the mentored learning, the team work and the autonomous learning.

Moreover, they will be able to develop their ability to apply and express their own point of view and analyse the economical context and the business behaviour. And lastly, they will learn how to management the uncertainty and the complexity, explore alternative solutions, develop a critical thinking and integrate both the theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide range of situations.


The main objective of this degree is to prepare professional who recognise the business as a social and economic reality, able to develop management, counselling and evaluating tasks in productive and services companies. Moreover, they should count on the necessary skills to develop management, counselling and evaluating tasks in the global stage of the organisation as well as in any of its operating areas, being some of these tasks: to be able to identify and anticipate opportunities; assign resources; organise information; select and motivate staff; take decisions; achieve goals; evaluate results; understand the nature of the business and its relation with the closest national and international economic environment; know the methods and techniques of the business administration and get the mathematical and statistical instrumental knowledges.


This Degree is geared to open minded people, able to questioning how to improve the world and assuming challenges, with ease of expression, understanding, and abstraction. The students also must count on an international and global view of the modern world, and they should be entrepreneur, and expressive, innovative, motivated, responsible and sociable; interested on getting a deeper knowledge on the economy and the businesses. We are looking for people with initiative and leadership spirit in order to create and manage businesses that could generate jobs. Our students should be able to integrate and manage staff and to take decisions, and they should be dynamic in order to face the current society problems, and to give solutions.


The Bachelor’s Degree on Business Administration and Management is one of the degrees with more job opportunities. People graduated on BAM are able to work in any section, as their achieved knowledges are useful and necessary to work in the different operating areas (management, distribution, taxation, accounting, finances…) in any organisation or company which interacts with the markets.

Furthermore, there are certain fields and job opportunities that are specific to this degree and that are continuously offering new position, and are, therefore, the main working resource for the graduated on Business Administration and Management. Among these fields, are of special importance the following: banks (financial management, international trade, risk analyse, accounting, commercial net…); advisory and consultancy services (strategical consultancy, business consultancy, financial and taxation advisory, auditing); and teaching and research (high school / Bachelor, vocational training, training centres, universities…).

On the other hand, the graduated on BAM are also ready to start a business and create their own company.



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