The Mentoring Action Programme implies that every student has a mentor who will counsel him or her during the degree, firstly in the transition from High School to the University, later providing orientation in order to make the most of their studies and lastly providing guidance for the labour insertion.

This programme is divided into a series of steps

  1. Each mentor must summon his or her mentees for a meeting where the organization of the mentoring activity will be explained. This meeting must be reflected on a “record” following the model of the Annex II (consult the Form).
  2. Then, meetings with each student must take place, with the corresponding follow up, following the same form in Annex II.
  3. At the end of the year an evaluation of the Mentoring Action Programme must be performed.

Guides of the Mentoring Action Programme

Mentoring Action Programme: Short Guide (Objectives and mentor’s duties)
Mentoring Action programme: Document of the Complete Guide

Students assigned to each mentor


Coordination of the Mentoring Action Plan

Francisco Tugores Martorell
+34 988 387 215