Academic Staff

Marcos Álvarez Díaz
Mª Montserrat Cruz González
Juan Manuel de los Ríos Sánchez
Elena De Prada Creo
Jerónimo Docampo Parente
Manuel Alfredo Mosquera Rodríguez

Elena Rivo López
Miguel Rodríguez Méndez
Francisco Javier Sánchez Sellero
Francisco Tugores Martorell
Alberto Vaquero García
Mónica Villanueva Villar


Djbril Diouf
Antía Garel Villar
Carlos Reinaldo Senra

Andrea Rouco Fernández
María Tabares Soto

Administrative and Services Staff

Catalina Álvarez Ogando

Jaime R. León Fernández



  • To study, advise and provide solutions in all the issues that the Centre Board, the Advising Committees or the Dean consider, as well as to solve administrative issues
  • All of those delegated by the Centre Board, according to the Internal Regime Regulation
  • Any other functions that the University of Vigo Statutes or this regulation do not expressly attribute to the Centre Board, the Dean or the Degree Board
  • The resolutions adopted by way of delegation by the Permanent Committee will indicate this circumstance and will be considered as taken by the Centre Board



2018: 23-II | 31-V
2017: 23-II | 18-IV | 31-V | 4-VII | 14-IX


2018: 23-II | 31-V
2017: 23-II | 18-IV | 31-V | 4-VII | 14-IX