Chair of Family Business

Company: Family Business Institute/Galician Association of Family Business/Abanca/Inditex
Year of establishment: 2005
Chairholders: Santiago Lago Peñas and Elena Rivo López
Management service: Research Service of UVigo/Fuvi/Others

The Chair of Family-Owned Business of the University of Vigo was born in 2005, participating in the net of university chairs of the Family Business Institute. In 2019, the Chair renewed the collaboration agreement with the University of Vigo, the Galician Association of Family Business and the Inditex group. This agreement recognises the special significance and strategical relevance, from different perspectives, of the family businesses in the Galician economy and society.

The objectives of this Chair can be summarised in the diffusion, teaching and researching on the singularity and challenges of the FAMILY BUSINESSES. This objective is justified and motivated by the economical relevance of the family businesses, fundamental pillar of the economy, their involvement and commitment with their geographical and social environment, as well as their distinctive features, which often led to difficulties in the succession process and their continuity. Also, the Chair of Family Business of the University of Vigo collaborates actively on the activities and meetings of the Galician Association of Family Business, counselling and elaborating reports in the issues that the association considers relevant.

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STL Chair

Company: Sociedad Textil Lonia, S.A.
Year of establishment: 2015
Chairholder: Chancellor or designated person
Management service: Vice Chancellor Office in the Campus of Ourense

The activities to develop follow some of the following action lines:

  • The creation of a Talent Recruitment Programme in order to integrant students from the University of Vigo with a good academic record, innovative skills and a high certificated level of English in STL, to perform curricular or extracurricular external internships.
  • The promotion of educational activities with the object of capacitate, specialice and update university community members and professionals competences.
  • The promotion and development of training activities to empower, specialise and update the skills of members of the University community and professionals.
  • The launching of an internships board system for periods no longer than 6 months, for students or recently graduated in the University of Vigo that have passed a regulated selection process.
  • The promotion of publications of studies and scientific and outreach works related with the fields of study of the Chair.


Institutional Chair of Autonomous Finances

Funding Entity: Finance Department (Department of Galicia)
Year of establishment: 2021
Chairholder: Santiago Lago Peñas
Management service: Vice Chancellor of Economy

The Institutional Chair of Autonomous Finances of the University of Vigo was born in 2021 for transfering knowledges on Spanish fiscal federalism and autonomous public finances to the responsible politicians.

This Chair performs studies and researches, organises conferences and seminars and yearly publishes documents on the autonomous financing and on the decentralisation in order to improve the knowledge of the finantial functioning of the State and the Autonomies.

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