Pérez González

Senior Lecturer

Area of Statistics and Operations Research
Department of Statistics and Functional Research

Contact information

Faculty of Business Sciences and Tourism
Edificio xurídico-empresarial
Despacho E/5-14

As Lagoas, s/n
32004 Ourense

+34 988 368 768

Short CV

Associate Professor of Department of Statistics and Operative Research of the University of Vigo. She obtained her Ph.D. in Mathematics at the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2003. She has participated in numerous national and international conferences on Statistics, and has published articles on International journals on topics in Nonparametric Inference with missing observations. She is member of the Ph.D. in Statistics and Operations Research of three Universities(Vigo-Santiago-Coruña). He has participated in several projects and research contracts. Currently a member of the research team SIDOR (Statistical Inference, Decision and Operations Research) at the University of Vigo and participates in the project granted by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MTM2016-76969-P).


Teaching profile at UVigo

1st term

2nd term

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management

O04G020V01204 | Estatística

Grao en Turismo

O04G240V01402 | Estatística

PCEO ADE – Dereito

O03G730V01123 | Estatística

PCEO Turismo – Xeografía e Historia

O04G740V01224 | Estatística


Researching profile at UVigo

Research group

Inferencia Estatística, Decisión e Investigación Operativa

Research topics

  • Goodness of fit tests
  • Robust estimation with missing observations
  • Quantile regression with missing observations