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First period

Algoritmos e Estruturas de Datos II
Arquitectura de Computadoras II
Art and cultural tourism
Basic Aspects of the employment relationship and implications for social security matters
Customer Service
Bases de Datos II
Business: Accounting of tourism organizations I
Tourist process quality
International trade and tourism
Commercial Administration 2
Creation and viability of tourist companies
Financing decisions
Dereito administrativo II
Dereito civil I. Obrigas e contratas
Dereito da Unión Europea
Dereito internacional público
Dereito mercantil I
Dereito penal I
Tourism, labour and international law
Dereito: Dereito romano
Dereito: Fundamentos éticos e xurídicos das TIC
Dereito: Teoría do dereito
Marketing management 2
Dirección de Operacións
Dirección de Operacións
Operations Management
Human resources management
Dirección de RRHH
Dirección de RRHH
Dirección Estratéxica
Strategic management
E-marketing in the tourism sector
Economics applied to Tourism
Economics. Introduction to economics
Economics. Microeconomics
Economía: Microeconomía
Economía: Microeconomía
Company. Accounting of tourism organisations I
Company. Direction and Management of tourism entities I
Business. Fundamentals of management
Company: Financial Accounting 1
Empresa: Contabilidade financeira I
Empresa: Contabilidade financeira I
Enxeñería do Software I
Financial resources management
Física: Sistemas dixitais
Fundamentals of Administration
History: Economic History
Informática: Programación I
Interfaces de Usuario
Marketing research
Foreign language for the company
Foreign languages for tourism 1 (English, French, German, Portuguese)
Foreign languages for tourism 3 (English, French, German, Portuguese)
Mathematics. Mathematics
Matemáticas: Estatística
Matemáticas: Fundamentos matemáticos para a informática
Matemáticas: Matemáticas
Tourism marketing
Operations Management
Planning and management of tourist spaces
Financial planning
Planning ad guiding tourist itineraries
Territorial resources
Corporate tax treatment 2
Corporate tax treatment I
Tourism Management Information Systems
Sistemas Operativos
Work sociology
Sociology. Tourism sociology
Strategic Management
Organization Theory
Teoría da Organización e Desenvolvemento Organizativo
Tourism and economic territorial development
Geography. Tourism in today's world
Innovation management
Management of interior destinations
Financial resources management
Human resources management in tourism ventures
Restaurant management

Second period

Accounting Analysis
Arquitecturas Paralelas
Asset Valuation
Bases de datos I
Business Management
Business: Accounting of tourism organizations II
Cost Accounting
Financial Accounting 2
Contabilidade Financieira II
Contabilidade Financiera II
Creation and viability of companies
Decisións de Investimento
Investment decisions
Decisións de Investimento
Dereito administrativo I
Dereito civil II. Dereitos reais
Dereito financeiro e tributario I
Commercial Law
Dereito mercantil
Dereito penal II
Dereito procesual penal
Law. Tourism Legislation
Dereito: Dereito constitucional II
Dereito: Introdución ao dereito civil e dereito da persoa
Design of budgetary control systems
Design, questionnaire design and analysis of data in tourism research
Dirección Comercial
Marketing management 1
Dirección Comercial I
Dirección e xestión de proxectos
International strategic management
Dirección Estratéxica Internacional
Tourism distribution
Economics. Spanish and global economics
Economía: Economía española e mundial
Economía: Economía española e mundial
Company. Accounting of tourism organisations 2
Company. Direction and Management of tourism entities 2
Company. Mathematics of financial transactions
Company. company management
Empresa: Matemática das operacións financeiras
Empresa: Matemática das operacións financeiras
Empresa: Xestión de empresas
Empresa: Xestión de empresas
Enxeñería do software II
Statistics. Statistics
Estatística: Estatística
Taxation of tourist companies
Modern language. English for tourism
Informática: Algoritmos e estruturas de datos I
Informática: Arquitectura de computadoras I
Research of tourist markets
Foreign languages for tourism 2 (English, French, German, Portuguese)
Foreign languages for tourism 4 (English, French, German, Portuguese)
Management Accounting
Matemáticas: Álxebra lineal
Financial markets
Sectorial marketing
Cultural heritage
Financial planning of tourism businesses
Public planing of tourism development
Políticas económicas
Economic policies
Políticas Económicas
Programación II
Tourism promotion
Redes de Computadoras I
Business Simulation and Internal Control
Sistema xudicial español e proceso civil
Sistemas Intelixentes
Sistemas Operativos II
Spanish and World Economy
Técnicas de Comunicación e Liderado
Statistical operational techniques
Degree Thesis
Degree Thesis
Assets Valuation
Valoración de Activos
Accommodation management

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